ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist
ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist

About us

All IT Rooms designs and realizes energy-efficient computer and server rooms, and datacenters for companies, governments, semi-governments and other organizations. We offer these customers a complete service solution: from advise on, and construction of the room, to support and maintenance. All IT Rooms also helps organizations with planning their requirements,  reports, energy scans, tenders and specifications.

All-round experts for your datacenter

All IT Rooms: From building provisions, climate control, security, emergency power supply, IT and electro-technics to energy management. Present us with your requirements and wishes for high up times, reliability and energy and cost efficiency. Together, we will realize the right solution for your specific situation.

“With the delivery dates of all the required equipment in writing, All IT Rooms gave us hard guaranties that they could work under time pressure. All other parties remained vague upon broaching this subject. All IT Rooms put forward the best ideas, the best time frame and was also the best choice economically.“
Dennis Vrolijk, Manager ICT at CAK-BZ.