ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist
ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist


Stulz Groep has already been providing advanced technical solutions for climate control for fifty year. Stulz has in recent years also proven to be a pioneer in the area of energy saving. Stulz developed, for instance, the ‘Dynamic Free Cooling’ concept. This automatic climate regulation system keeps the energy consumption as low as possible. Free cooling is automatically turned to in the case of a low outside temperature. The energy-intensive cooling by means of compressors is only used when truly necessary.

Energy-saving cooling

As a sound partner of Stulz, All IT Rooms has at its disposal all knowledge and experience necessary for equipping your computer room with an energy-saving cooling system.

“Stulz was involved in realizing the cooling-technical installation for MTV Networks. Stulz supplied, and positioned, the chillers. The construction of the pipe work was, plan-technically seen, a masterpiece.”
Ronald Kok, Director All IT Rooms

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