ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist
ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist

Management & Monitoring

Management and monitoring for organizations with an in-house datacenter is usually not the first priority. As a busy IT department there are far more important and many other jobs to do. However good server room monitoring and management is very important. The IT room is the foundation of your IT infrastructure and neglect could result in IT down time.

All-BaaS® (Management as a Service) has been developed by All IT Rooms and is based on all our experience with all our customers over the years. In the market this is also known as DCIM (datacenter infrastructure management). The As-a-service model makes All-BaaS especially fit for organizations with an in-house datacenter.

All IT Rooms has developed a monitoring and management portfolio with models for each organization. Starting with Basic remote monitoring up to a Premium service in which we will take full responsibility in the day to day operation of your datacenter / server room.

Remote monitoring and management of your datacenter / server room will result in your staff having time available for other important IT matters for which they are hired and qualified. Our specialized staff will ensure that your server room / datacenter is 24×7 available. The monthly management reports gives you an up to date insight into the performance of your data center.

The Serverroom Control Center (SCC) is 24×7 available for support and remote monitoring of your server room. All IT Rooms brings this to the market As- A-Service . Management-as-a-Service (MaaS) or DCIM is unique in the server room / datacenter market place.

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