ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist
ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist

Basic management

Basic management is the minimum monitoring level advised by All IT Rooms. All IT Rooms installs a local monitoring system so you can manage and monitor your own datacenter. The local monitoring system is connected with the UPS and cooling system. All alarms from UPS and cooling will be reported to you from the monitoring system. Temperature sensors will be installed in the datacenter that are connected with the monitoring system.

Alarms from the monitoring system can be reported to the All IT Rooms service desk. In consultation with you a technician will be planned on-site to fix the problem. This is corrective maintenance. The on-site response time is 8 hours for major failures and Next Business Day for minor failures.
Yearly preventive maintenance will keep your server room in good condition. The All IT Rooms service desk will plan these preventive maintenance visits in consultation with you.

ALL IT Rooms - Basic Management