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ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist

Comfort management

ALL IT Rooms - Comfort Management

Comfort management is not only about today but also has a strong emphasis on the future of your datacenter. How can the datacenter capacity be used most optimal and how can the datacenter be adapted to the continuous changing IT? To answer these questions it is important to have a good good understanding of the current situation of your datacenter. How much capacity are you using now and more importantly: how much do you have available for expansion? Comfort management has standard management as a starting point and adds valuable functional services.
A dashboard with the key performance indicators of your server room gives you a clear picture of the occupation of your server room capacity.

Asset management is an important part of the comfort management service. The assets in your server room represent a great value to your organization.

Once a year we do an extensive server room audit. In this audit all relevant issue’s of your datacenter will be reviewed.

Dashboards and reports

A dashboard of your server room shows you all the key performance indicators at a glance. You have insight in the actual power consumption and temperature in your datacenter. It is immediately clear how much of the available capacity is used and how much is available for expansion. You server room has never been so insightful.

A monthly KPI report informs you about the development of your server room. The graphic presentation of these data gives you a good idea about the trends in the datacenter. Is your datacenter capacity increasing or decreasing? We can make detailed reports on specific data that are important to your organization.

Energy consumption

Reducing the energy consumption in the datacenter is regarded as an important target in the management services. Optimizing the datacenter can result in significant energy savings and therefor cost savings. There are many ways to reduce the energy consumption and increase the energy efficiency. We present the measurements to you including the expected energy savings.
Resource management

To understand the future possibilities of your server room it is important to know what the current occupation is.

  • What is the current IT load?
  • What is the required cooling capacity in the datacenter and what is the maximum capacity of the climate installation?
  • How much floor space is used in the datacenter and how much is available for expansion?
  • How many racks are there in the datacenter and what rack space is available and in which racks?

This information and more is important in order to determine whether new IT equipment can be installed in your server room. Where do you have sufficient power and cooling capacity available? How long can the datacenter support the growth of your organization or do you need to upgrade the datacenter? All-Baas gives you answers to all these questions.

Asset management

The server room is filled with IT equipment. But do you know exactly what IT equipment your organization has and where it is in the datacenter? With All-Baas we can take care of your complete asset management. You know exactly what IT equipment you have in the datacenter in which rack and even the U-position in the rack is known. A front and rear view of the racks show you where the IT equipment is. Even the number of slots and outlets of the equipment is no longer a secret.

ALL IT Rooms - Comfort Management

Connectivity management

An up-to-date cabling administration is almost certainly not on the top of your priority list and among your favourite activities. The day to day practice is that this administration is rarely up to date. As long as everything is working smoothly this is no problem but once there is a problem with the connections and you have to trace this than you see the importance of an up to date cabling administration.

Change management MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes)

All-Baas offers a full functional Moves/Adds/Changes module. The SCC will perform these MAC’s for you. All Baas Informs you when the MAC’s have been done. For you this means that with a minimum effort you get a maximum result.

Rack lay-out

All Baas is a complete service platform for managing your datacenter. No other platform provides you this much information in such a clear manner. The floorplan of your datacenter can be built fully in All Baas complete with rack lay-out. You immediately know where all your IT equipment is located in the server room (including rack and U-position). We can give you the best possible U-position for the power connections for the IT equipment. Because this is our daily work we have expert know-how and do this very efficient.

Server room audit

Every year we do a server room audit in which all relevant issues are reviewed and checked. Based on our findings we give you the improvement recommendations. The following aspects are in the audit:

  • Architectural
  • Floorplan
  • Electrical engineering
  • Emergency power supply
  • Climate control
  • Rack lay-out
  • Data cabling
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Service and management