ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist
ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist

Premium management

ALL IT Rooms - Premium Management

Research shows that strategy and planning of the datacenter is a great concern for IT managers. The required datacenter capacity of your organization is constantly changing this is because the IT environment is also changing almost day to day. If you are not up to date with the current status of your datacenter it is impossible to develop a datacenter strategy that will support your organization goals.

The datacenter is very important because this facilitates your IT equipment that support the future plans and goals of your organization. All IT Rooms can help you with that. Based on the current occupation of the server room and the plans of your organization we propose a server room planning and strategy that fully supports your organization.

The long term maintenance plan is exactly what is says, the long term plans and costs for the maintenance of your datacenter installations for the coming years. This is indispensable for preparing the yearly budgets. The long term maintenance plan is based on the yearly NEN2767 audit.

The objective is to realize the best server room that perfectly fits your organizational needs and requirements. Having All IT Rooms taking care of day to day operations of your datacenter this will change the costs from OPEX into CAPEX. This will allow your organization to make budgets available for other investments.

Premium management adds to the standard and comfort management some important elements that optimize your server room in the medium and long term and also offers Hands-on-site Services.

Floor management

Floor management are all daily tasks that have to be done to get a 24 × 7 available server room. This includes management activities but also, for example, performing Moves-Adds-Changes and keep the server room administration up to date of, making patches, installing new equipment, etc. All IT Rooms can run the complete floor management operation for your organization.

Capacity management

A unique feature in All-baas is capacity management. You can see the future development of your server room . We translate your future plans in the consequences for your server room. In this way you will see how, for example, the power consumption evolves over time. Also the available racks space is displayed and the available floor space in the server room.

Availability management

All Baas offers the option to run a disaster scenario software-wise. Is the redundant power supply in your datacenter really redundant? We can show you exactly what the consequences are of a power outage. At a glance you can see what IT equipment remains active or stops. After this software runned test, possible problems can be fixed and your datacenter is ready for a real live test.
The same procedure can be done for LAN connections. Are the LAN connections to your IT equipment really redundant ? To measure is to know.

Development management

Based on all available information and your input one of our consultants will determine the development strategy for your datacenter. Organizational plans and targets are combined with the current technical status of your datacenter. In the development strategy we describe what it takes from datacenter perspective to support your plans for the next three years.

ALL IT Rooms - Premium Management

NEN 2767 condition measurement and long term maintenance plan

NEN 2767 ensures the uniform inspection of the technical condition of all construction and installation parts of a building and/or the infrastructure. By using condition scores it makes it easy to compare the different maintenance conditions of objects. This method gives you an understanding of maintenance costs and possible risks so you can make maintenance planning. In short, with this standard you can ensure the quality of your datacenter. In the audit reports, the following issues are addressed according to NEN 2767.

  • Architectural
  • Floorplan
  • Electrical engineering
  • Emergency power supply
  • Climate control
  • Rack lay-out
  • Data cabling
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Service and management


Hands-on-site is the ultimate service of All IT Rooms. We take care of all the work in your server room with our specialized staff. We install new IT equipment in your server room and make the power and LAN connections. We also update your asset and cabling administration.