ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist
ALL IT Rooms de allround datacenter specialist

Standard management

Standard management is active monitoring of your server room to keep the installation in good condition. Standard management starts with regular preventive maintenance. For corrective maintenance our SCC (Server room Control Center) monitors your datacenter installations. Alarms are reported directly to our SCC and will be handled immediately by our staff. Instead off you having to monitor the alarms of your datacenter we will inform you about possible alarms. It is that easy. Regular anti-static cleaning of your server room is part of the standard management services. Pollution can have a great impact on your IT equipment. The yearly Quick Scan gives you an overview on the possible improvements in your datacenter.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance for your climate control system is the first step in keeping your server room in good condition and to prevent downtime. The goal of preventive maintenance is to prevent corrective maintenance. Based on age, wear and tear installations parts can be replaced preventively. The Service desk plans the regular preventive maintenance works and registers exactly when and what has been done. After every service visit the service tickets are registered in your digital server room file in our service system.

Corrective maintenance

With the All IT Rooms Standard Management contract you have direct access to our service desk and SCC 24×7. For each reported failure a service ticket is created in our service system and all actions and measurements to solve the problem are registered in this ticket. We offer 4/8 or Next Business Day response time contracts. For All IT Rooms response time is the time from receiving the failure report until an engineer is on-site . Of course the service ticket of the corrective maintenance is added to your digital server room file.

Monitoring  24 x 7

In the SCC (Serverroom Control Center) your server room is monitored 24 x 7. Failures are registered immediately. The SCC analyses the failure and if possible solves it direct. If this is not possible we will sent an engineer on-site within the agreed response time. All failures are filed by the SCC and stored in your digital server room file for the length of the contract.

Quick scan

A yearly quick scan by one of our consultants is part of the Standard management contract. Based on the quick scan and the digital server room service file our consultant will set up a list with recommended improvements. An action list, established in close cooperation, will determine which improvements will be implemented including when and how. In this way we strive for continuous quality improvement of your server room.

Anti-static cleaning

Dust in your server room can have a great impact on your IT equipment and can even lead to downtime. Regular anti-static cleaning is very important. All IT Rooms recommends anti-static cleaning every 6 months. Cleaning the server room is done with using the right (anti-static) cleaners and with specialist cleaning equipment. This makes the cleaning ESD safe.

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